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Go Connect Bookings

A flexible booking system for online & in-person appointments, events and courses.
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BaseKit Sitebuilder v10 case study thumbnail

BaseKit Sitebuilder v10

Version 10 of the BaseKit sitebuilder, designed for small businesses to get online with minimal effort.
Case study coming soon

Side Projects

Projects I’m working on in my spare time

An inclusive community for designers of all backgrounds and skill levels from around the globe.

A curated library of screenshots & interaction patterns from the world's best digital products. Gain insights, explore trends and understand competitors and best practices.


Significant projects I worked on that are now retired

A widely used discoveries database and companion web-app for No Man’s Sky, the science fiction space exploration game.

A local guide and news website for my hometown, Bristol.

A minimal, customisable, open-source theme for Ghost used by thousands.